Our Authors Segment

Would you like to meet the authors of your favourite books? This is a fantasy of every book lover. Sadly, it does not always become a reality. We are certain that you have some questions you would love to ask your favourite authors about your favourite books. This is why we have created a section dedicated to our authors at Book and Volume.

You get to access first-hand information about your favourite authors. Each author has a biography dedicated to them, and this biography contains information like the author’s name, published books, and some prominent awards. What better way to find out about more books written by your favourite author than this?

We proudly showcase our authors because we are proud and want to show the world the work we have done together. This is one of the ways we show you that we are as capable as we claim. We are proud to say that every aspect of our work is done passionately and with quality work as the end game. Note that we don’t place restrictions on the types of books we publish. The authors we work with and boast of are authors of a range of fictive genres of literature.

Would you also love to become one of our authors? Many book lovers have, at one point or the other become enamoured with the idea of being a writer someday. Have you ever read a book so good you thought to yourself, “I’d like to write something like this someday”? If you haven’t given up on that dream and have spent time building it, and making yourself into an incredible writer, then here’s your chance.

If you are a great writer and have some fantastic manuscripts you think are worthy of being discovered by the world, then you are also at the right place. You have the chance to become one of our authors. All you have to do is send a copy of your manuscript, and we will decide if the world deserves to see it or not.

If your work is truly as great as you think it is, and we feel the same way, then we look forward to working with you. We also look forward to including your profile on our website as one of our authors at Book and Volume. The best part is, we publish any genre of books. So be sure to submit your fictive literary works when next we are accepting submissions.

Book and Volume is your best bet at publishing that remarkable manuscript for the world to see. Contact us today, and we will help you show the world that you are indeed the fantastic writer you think you are.

We offer to show you off to the world, and every service we offer you is being provided to achieve quality. At Book and Volume, we work together to publish a book that would be your target audience’s favourite.

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