Being A Writer

Would you love to develop your writing skills? Have you been told over and over that you are a proficient writer? If you have a passion for writing, then you have come to the right place. Book and Volume offer you free writing tips that you need to become the great writer you see yourself becoming.

Becoming a professional writer is no easy feat. It can be quite difficult. Thousands of manuscripts, both solicited and unsolicited, get sent to various publishing houses in Australia. A large number of people have dreams of becoming best-selling authors. A lot of people work towards making this dream a reality.

However, the sad truth is that only a handful of people eventually make it as writers. The content you are reading is not meant to discourage you. It is intended to motivate you to try even harder. You can become one of the handfuls of people who eventually turn their dreams into realities.

To become a successful writer, there are some things you have to work on. There are routines and techniques you need to incorporate into your lifestyle. You might have read vastly about some of these tips, but we are confident you can still learn a thing or two from us at Book and Volume. So, relax, and enjoy the ride.

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Develop a Writing Routine

If you want to be a writer who stands out, you need to research the subject matter you want to write about. When you are confident you know something, it reflects in your work. Publishers love confident writers, and this confidence is gotten from adequate research.

Develop Reading Habits

This isn’t about developing a more expansive vocabulary. It has more to do with tapping from the various imaginations and creative dams of a wide range of authors. This is a guaranteed way to widen your imagination. It also helps you open up to new ideas and methods of thinking. Remember, you are on my as limited mentally as you make yourself.


It may seem like a clich√©, but practise does make perfect. Don’t take a break from your art. Dedicate time to it. Work on refining it as often as you can.

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