Top-Notch Collaboration

If you have the talent many professional writers envy, and all you need is the medium to promote that talent, you have come to the right place. Most times, it is not enough to merely have talent. So much talent is available, and sadly, it wastes away.

At Book and Volume, we have taken it upon ourselves to discover new and talented writers whose works the world deserves to see. To ensure that you don’t eliminate your chances of being discovered, please follow the steps required to make a manuscript submission that won’t be discarded.

If you have followed these steps, and your manuscript has made it safely to our desks, then we congratulate you. We can assure you that it would get the required attention it deserves.

This is our collaboration process. This process concerns those whose manuscripts have been scrutinised and deemed worthy of being published.

Reaching Out

If you have been able to sweep us off our feet with your great content, then the next step would be to reach out to you. We would do this in the form of a letter of offer which can be delivered to your home address or sent to your email address.

Woman Writer Working on a Typewriter
Offer and Proposal

We arrange for a physical meeting, and it is at this point that we tender our offer. We are fair and considerate publishers, and we ensure that every book publishing offer we tender to our potential authors is beneficial to both parties. Book and Volume are interested in the progress of our potential authors and ourselves as well.

Everything In-Between

At these stages, there is a lot of work going on in our publishing house. Here, your book goes through the production stage. It moves on to the design and editorial stage. The design stage is where our creative team decides on the most suitable book cover for your book.

We also determine if the book should be a paperback or a hardback. The font and font size are also selected. Then it moves on to the editorial section. This is where we proofread your book and check for errors. We also ensure it is plagiarism-free.

Sales, Marketing and Promotions

When the book is deemed ready for sale, we launch it. You receive one hundred copies of the book, and you can choose to sell them or give them out. Book and Volume are just as responsible for marketing and promoting your book as you are. So be sure to put out the word that your book is about to be released to the world.

It takes us an average of eight months to a year to fully publish and market a book. Rest assured that no matter the length of time it takes us; we are working in your best interest. We take our time at Book and Volume to ensure that every book we publish is void of errors. We aim to publish books that can be described as nothing but perfection.

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