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The external content is just as important as the internal content of your book. As much as book lovers try not to judge a book by its cover, it is almost impossible. People are majorly attracted to what they see. Your book might have a great and captivating title and even more incredible content in it, but it will most likely get passed over if it doesn’t appeal to the eyesight.

From our years of experience as one of Sydney’s leading book publishers, we have deduced that certain graphics and illustrations appeal to people. We also know that your book cover should be designed in a manner that appeals to your audience. Why not reach out to us, and let us help you make your book aesthetically pleasing?

At Book and Volume, we offer you many book customisation options. Now, you have access to an amazing book publisher that would work in your best interests. We know you have potential so join us and let us develop that potential together.

Beautifully and carefully customed books are excellent marketing strategies as well. Most times, it is not enough to write a book and publish it. It is also not enough to have a marketing team with a lot of connections.

You could have a broad reach, and people still wouldn’t buy your book. This is another reason you need an expert book publisher. Book and Volume have a team of creative content creators.

We also have expert graphics designers who are just as passionate and creative as our content creation team members. We will all work together to come up with unique designs that are guaranteed to help push the sales of your book.

The quality of your book cover is largely dependent on the printer. At Book and Volume, we use excellent quality printers and papers that give your book an exceptional external quality that is guaranteed to draw people in.

Our printers are one of the best printers in the market, and we bought them from Australia and beyond. We also ensure that we use excellent quality ink for our printers. We don’t want bad or low-quality ink spoiling all our hard work.

This is also where we determine if your book needs a hardback or a paperback. We are experts, and we have experience at discerning between books that would sell more if they were hardbacks or paperbacks. Sometimes, we give you the option of printing both. Whatever the case may be, rest assured that we are making creative decisions guaranteed to increase the sales of your books.

More often than not, it is never enough to come up with good literature merely. You also have to consider the outward appearance. At Book and Volume, we offer this service to all the authors we work with.

So, are you in need of the best options in this regard? Then, you should be looking to meet us. Well, we are available for you. Contact us today.

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