Our Contests

At Book and Volume, we organise contests that help you determine if you can write or not. These contests are in the form of short and exciting write-ups. Here’s how it works.

We offer some of the books we have published up for grabs by the winner of our mini-contests. The books vary most times, and they are usually of different genres. To win, we require you to write an essay telling us why you want the book up for grabs. Sometimes, we ask you why you feel you deserve to win. The person with the most articulated and descriptive write-up wins.

We organise these competitions regularly. Be sure to check out our website to stand a chance to win a book from your favourite author. 

At Book and Volume, to make you feel included in our publishing processes, we offer books in the following categories:

Young Adult Books

You stand a chance to win a young adult book published by us at Book and Volume. You can choose to opt for competitions in categories where the price is a young adult novel if you are a fan of content like this. We bring you best-selling young adult books up for grabs. Just ensure you put in your best when pitching, and if you win, you will get what you deserve.

Reading her favorite author
Advanced Reading Copy Packs

There are advanced reading copy packs from your favourite authors as well. Say you enjoyed a particular book, and you would love to read extra tidbits from that but, you can choose to compete in this category. You stand a chance to win advanced reading copy packs written by your favourite authors.

Romance Novels

If you are a fan of romance novels, then this category is for you. You stand a chance to win a contemporary or historical romance novel. You may also win a romantic comedy novel.

Exclusive Soon to be Published Manuscripts

Are you looking forward to a particular sequel from your favourite author? Sometimes, at Book and Volume, we include unpublished manuscripts from some of our authors in the winnable books category to encourage our readers. You can choose to compete in this section to stand a chance to win a book that is soon to be published.

Terms and Conditions

Some of our terms and conditions include:

  • You have to be above the age of sixteen.
  • You cannot exchange gifts for monetary compensation.
  • There is a time limit that we decide at Book and Volume. Once the competition time frame lapses, the competition is deemed closed.
  • Book and Volume have the liberty to substitute any book put up for grabs if said book suddenly becomes unavailable due to factors beyond our control.

Please take-out time to read the full terms and conditions which are displayed on our website. Winning a category automatically makes you a recipient of the book up for grabs in that category.

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